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The California research team aims to build a data repository that systematically catalogues environmental justice (EJ) conflicts along coastal California. The team is tracking where conflicts occur, what natural resources are involved, what communities are impacted, how EJ organizations and advocates engage in these conflicts, and how conflicts are portrayed in media. A core objective of the database is to facilitate learning and information sharing between EJ organizations working on similar types of cases. See our Overview Handout (linked below map) for more information. 

California Sea Grant State Policy Fellows and student research interns are critical to driving the team's work forward, advancing data collection and analysis, building partnerships with EJ organizations across the state, and ensuring that the tools built are tailored to address relevant and timely policy debates.


Research Team: 

Dr. Jessica Rudnick, CA Sea Grant Extension Specialist, California Director

Gene DePuy, 2022 CA Sea Grant State Policy Fellow

James Chhor, 2022 CA Sea Grant State Policy Fellow

Hanna Payne, 2021 CA Sea Grant State Policy Fellow

Jenn Fields, 2021 CA Sea Grant State Policy Fellow

Monica Cisernos, CSU San Marcos undergraduate student research intern


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